Public Staking Pools

All of our validator nodes are run on dedicated hardware. All are located in large data centers with multiple redundant network and power connections.

ImStaked Mina Protocol Staking pool

Mina Protocol

UPTIME: 99.75% Last 90 Days
0% Staking Fee until September 15th, 2022
5% Staking Fee effective September 15th, 2022

Now Accepting Delegations
Address: B62qjWchpjVwmbEazciy3VSBZhJNVF28RcDQirLFpH2rvfmDrtXL382


Delegation Need

We operate nodes on the following networks. Near, Pocket, Avalanche, Fetchai, Osmosis, Casper, and Ethereum. We have the technical ability to securely operate block producers on any blockchain that exists today. 

However it takes more than technical ability. To produce any rewards a stake is required. If anyone would like to delegate enough stake on any blockchain network. We would be willing to operate the node/pool for a small fee of 2-5% of all rewards received. Please contact us for details.