Mina Staking Explained

When you delegate your mina tokens to our staking pool you retain control of your tokens. This is called Non Custodial staking. You can unstake your tokens in full or in part at any time. Meaning you always have access to what is yours. In order for the pool users to receive rewards we operate a block producing node on the network. Rewards are recieved in exchange for producing blocks on the network. We then distribute those rewards to all users staking with us in equal proportion to the the users amount of stake. If the block producing node is not online or malfunctioning when it is our turn to produce a block the pool receives no rewards. So it is important for you to choose a block producer that is available at all times. We have a 99.75& uptime for the last 90 days.

How to Stake Mina

First you need some Mina tokens you can buy them on many crypto exchanges. Next you need a wallet. We are aware of 3 different wallets for Mina Protocol. Please research any wallet you use as it will hold your assets. Below you can find like to each of these wallets. We have only personally used Auro wallet and can affirm that we have had no issues so far. 

Auro Wallet 
Clorio Wallet
StakingPower Wallet