What is a genesis founding member?

Over 660 Genesis Founding Members (GFM) received a token grant of 66k MINA tokens, and launched Mina’s mainnet as the network’s first block producers. They are members who are devoted to the project, built alongside the core team when the project was still in its early stages, and made significant contributions in the last years. This grant is what allows us to run a block producer.

What did we do to receive this honor?

While participating in the Mina Testworld Adversarial Testnet we discovered a security issue that allowed us to compromise every single Testworld wallet and obtain all funds from all 1001 wallets. We reported the issue but it was classified as not a critical event despite the fact the network was restarted because of our discovery. Here is excert from the Mina Testworld retrospective please click the link to read the whole thing

A testnet participant uncovered a testnet (not protocol) vulnerability, and was awarded a bounty for reporting an issue regarding the visibility of Testworld keypairs. Testworld keypairs are password protected, however all of the keypairs we initially distributed had the same (infamous) password: naughty blue worm.”  <— They made all passwords the same and left the directory unprotected. We still have all 1001 keys as proof.

What happened after that?

Our accounts were banned from all Mina Protocol websites and chat servers. After a year we have found ways around this ban when required but it’s really not worth that effort.